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Elite Fanfiction Only
12th-Jun-2008 01:17 am
Harry Potter
Title: Adjudication
Rating: NC-17
Ship: Ron/Pansy ultimately, includes Draco/Pansy, Luna/Ron, Ron/Hermione
Summary: A simple class assignment changes Ron's life forever. A steamy, dark, pulp fictionesque mystery that twists through year 7 and beyond. IN PROGRESS (extremely slow updates)

Title: A Thousand Little Deaths
Rating: NC-17
Ship: Pansy/Theodore Nott
Summary: He would die a thousand times with her, but not like this. A Slytherin love story. Long One-Shot.

Title: In Blood Only
Rating: R
Ship: General
Summary: Snape is Harry's father. No one is happy to hear it. [R due to colorful language, dark themes, and nongraphic violence.] Very Angsty, but good.

Title: Mine
Rating: G
Ship: General
Summary: Against his better judgement Severus Snape let a part of himself be used in a spell six years earlier. Now the consequences of his actions cannot be avoided any longer and Snape finds himself the father of a five year old boy-Harry Potter! 

Title: La Nuit
Rating: R
Ship: Harry/Pansy
Summary: After Pansy Parkinson is rescued from Death Eaters by the Order, she is confined to Grimmauld Place, which leaves Harry rather unsettled. Long One-Shot.

Title: Lessons
Rating: R
Ship: Harry/Angelina
Summary: Harry believed he was alone. He wasn't. A gathering of great minds was all he needed, and whether this was Dumbledore’s wish or not, it was what had to be done in order to gain sure footing before the coming war. I love this fic so much. Why? Because Kendra has officially unofficially re-written Harry Potter to include Angelina Johnson. Epic. IN PROGRESS (slow updates)

Title: From The Ashes
Rating: R
Ship: Harry/Pansy, mentions of Harry/Draco and Draco/Pansy
Voldemort is dead. The war is over, but moving on can be harder than expected, especially if you're not sure to which side you belong any more. Harry and Pansy don't have much in common, yet they find themselves in an uneasy alliance in an attempt to save what's left from everything that was dear to them.

Title: Snape's Vocation
Rating: G
Ship: General
Summary: Sequel to 'Mine'. Snape and Harry settle down and learn more about each other. These chapters can be read as individual stories, but I have further chapters written and planned. This one will leave you awwwing and oohing after 5 year old Harry. 

Title:Twelve Dark Moons
Rating: R
Ship: Voldemort/Luna Lovegood
Summary: As a captive of Lord Voldemort, Luna Lovegood never thought she would live beyond the first 24 hours. Saved at first by her quick wit, Luna learns the depth of human evil…and becomes the Dark Lord’s greatest weakness. A skillful unveling into the many layers of Lord Voldemort. Very well done.

Title: Wick
Rating: NC-17
Ship: Harry/Pansy, Draco/Pansy
Summary: Harry Potter finds himself inexplicably drawn to Pansy Parkinson, who demands he request her affections in Parseltongue. Harry does his very best to comply. A really entertaining PWP. Have a cool rag handy. Long One-Shot.

L.J. Smith
Title: Chimera
Rating: PG-15
Ship: Blue/Chatoya
Summary: Chatoya Irkil found her soulmate when he tried to kill her. Blue Malefici: assassin, vampire, unpredictable and utterly merciless. He had made her a promise and now he would keep it. Part of a larger series which is by no means necessary to read before digging into this awesome fic. A constant battle of strong wills, this story is probably the most popular L.J.Smith fanfiction on the internet. Based on the themes and history of the Night World Series.

Title: Joining Circle DayBreak
Rating: PG-13
Ship: Rashel/Quinn
Summary: Quinn and Rashel want to join Circle Daybreak, but Circle Daybreak isn't sure about them. After a while, Quinn isn't even sure about himself. A realistic look at what it would take for badass Quinn, Elder and adopted son of THE Hunter Redfern to convince Circle Daybreak that he wants in. Long One-Shot.

The Rome Series
Title: Flame of Rome
Rating: PG-13
Ship: General
Summary: With the Roman invasion, Rayna's life changed forever. Sold to the Flavian family as a slave, she vowed to destroy them. When the Night People terrorize Rome, she must remember her vow. Yet how can she when her soulmate is a Roman soldier and lamia? First in Moreta's captivating series centered around a cold vampire named Gaius Flavius Varro Magnus.

Title: Blood of Rome
Rating: PG-13
Ship: General
Summary: Sequel to Flame of Rome. The shapeshifters have won Rome but at what cost? Meanwhile, a noblewoman's deadly secret threatens the Flavian family. Along with everyone, Magnus learns one lesson. Only blood can repay blood. This is even more compelling than the first.

Title: Tears of Rome
Rating: PG-15
Ship: Magnus/Rayna, hints of Markus/Magnus
Summary: Sequel to Blood of Rome. Magnus must defend Rome from its greatest threat, not the shapeshifters, but a brilliant and elusive vampire operating from the shadows. No one will escape their deadly contest unscathed. The most moving of all three stories. I actually cried beacause of this fic. 

Lord of the Rings

More are yet to come!
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