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good fanfiction recs
i've been reading fanfiction since i was 12 years old. i'm 22 now. thru the MANY years of looking and reading, i've come across some truly great stories on the internet. i thought to make a place where ppl can find some of the best fiction in fandom. stories can hail anywhere from tv shows and movies to books and comics. the only requirement is they are elite. ALL have been read by me. most are rated R. and quite a few are non-conventional pairings. ENJOY AND LEAVE FEEDBACK if you've found something memorable, special or anything else of the like. btw, the quote is completely random. i just love The Prince and added that bit in there.

"It cannot be called virtue to kill one's fellow citizens, betray one's
friends, be without faith, without pity and without religion; by these
methods one may indeed gain power, but not glory."